Mir Ashif

My Work

Love to tinker with new technologies, willing to learn and share my knowledge with others. Here is a summary of my experience so far.



Full-Stack Developer, 2023 – Present

Technologies Used: Turborepo, Next.js, Shadcn UI, TailwindCSS, Node.js, Express.js, tRPC, Docker, Firebase, PostgreSQL

Bahaza is a SaaS platform for B2C and B2B flight booking solutions, enabling users to create flight booking websites with multi-tenant features using their own domains in minutes.

  • Designed and developed responsive, user-friendly interfaces for a multi-tenant flight booking platform using modern web technologies such as Next.js.
  • Collaborated closely with the non-technical founder to establish standards and design principles, bootstrapping the product from concept to launch.
  • Developed custom CMS and dynamic dashboard with role-based access control for business customers.
  • Implemented backend services and APIs such as flight search, booking system, payment processes, authentication, and more.
  • Conducted code reviews, wrote unit tests, and performed debugging and troubleshooting to maintain high code quality.
  • Worked with UI/UX designers, product managers, and other developers to gather requirements, prioritize tasks, and deliver features within tight deadlines.


Co-founder & Full Stack Developer, 2019 – 2021

Technologies Used: Node.js, Express.js, Docker, Firebase, ffmpeg, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, React.js, Next.js, MobX, React Native, Expo

At Zanvent, my friends and I collaboratively built and rapidly launched innovative digital products, including a Twitch clone to support local streamers in 2019. Despite not achieving large-scale success, our hands-on experience in brand creation, app development, marketing, and community engagement was invaluable, leading to a vibrant community and significant industry connections before we preemptively shut down the platform.

  • Launched “Zanvent Stream”, the first live streaming platform in Bangladesh, achieving over 30,000 monthly active users and 3,000 registered users within a year.
  • Organized an international Rainbow Six Siege esports tournament in South East Asia region by collaborating the gaming community.
  • Generated content and managed our social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, to increase brand awareness and engagement.
  • Developed “Zanvent Transfer”, a fast file transfer platform leveraging Bangladesh’s BDIX Internet Exchange Point, enhancing local data transfer efficiency.
  • Co-created “Dagao”, an online PVP quiz app for high-school students, promoting interactive learning and exam preparation through competition.


Manarat International University, Bangladesh

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, 2019 – 2023